Linklater Family Community Sweatlodge

Welcome to the Linklater Family Community Sweatlodge web site.


Weekly Community Sweatlodge

Winter hours in effect!
We meet every Saturday on Indian Hill, Whitecap First Nations, Saskatchewan.
Start times for sweatlodge may vary. Please note start time for each sweatlodge.
Sweats may be cancelled or changed with short notice depending on weather conditions, road and fire hazard conditions or the elders availability.
Location of Lodge (Map)

Culture Camp 2017
Another successful Culture Camp.
Thanks everyone.


Next Regular Scheduled Sweat: Start at 1 PM
Please see Other scheduled sweats open to the public regarding upcoming sweatlodges!

Location: Sweats located on Indian Hill north of Whitecap First Nation. Click on Lodge Map.

Click here to view the long term weather forecast.

Everyone welcome to attend.

Anyone interested in assisting before any sweat is asked to come to the sweatlodge 45 to 60 minutes early.
We can find things for you to do. Thanks.

Status: We will let you know when the next sweatlodge is happening!

Please check back often as the status can change quickly the day of the sweat depending on weather, road conditions, fire hazard or Elder availabillity.

Lodge (Map)

Other scheduled sweats open to the public:

Regular Sweatlodges for Winter 2018
Winter hours are in effect for sweatlodges.
The winter sweatlodges are scheduled to happen on Saturdays starting around 1PM.
It is a late start but it allows for those coming from afar to attend the sweatlodge.
The elders may sweat every 2 weeks if possible.
We will let you know when the next sweatlodge is happening!


Events and News  

Winter Sweatlodge hours now in effect!

Happy New Year everyone!


Assistance is always required to gather wood and rocks for the sweatlodge. Contact Ron Thompson, Walter Linklater, Vernon Linklater or Lyndon Linklater to let them know you are available to help.

Introduction to Native Spirituality Series
Contact Walter or Mariea Linklater about the current series.

Whitecap Dakota First Nation news  

Weather Information for Saskatoon and area

Province of Saskatchewan Fire Hazard Maps

Highway conditions for Saskatchewan.

Note: Fresh fruit and unsweetened blueberries are always welcome after all sweats.

Note: There are those who attend the sweat with severe allergies to peanuts, so please do not bring foods with peanuts in them. Also, if you plan to bring soup please prepare the soup with no salt or very little salt if possible.

Other: If you require information regarding feasts after the sweat, or want to sponsor a feast, please contact Walter and Maria.
See the events section for contact information.